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The latex material it self can be engineered to the comfort level you need. It can also be laminated on to synthetic fabrics, natural leathers, etc. The material itself is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and odor resistant. Excellent material for cushioning.

latex Applications:
-Arch Supports
-Metatarsal Supports
-Toe Grips
-Heel Pads
-Heel Edge Pads
-Ankle Pads
-Trimming Strips
-Collar Pads

Latex Insoles are a soft and supportive material mostly used on the bottom section of a shoe. The material is made by running the sheets through a conveyor, then trimming them, and finally, packaging them in rolls.

Its high level of air permeability and capacity for absorption of the humidity produced by transpiration keep the feet dry and this consequently makes the footwear more hygienic.

The use of latex without fabric, in a range of densities that vary from 2mm to 5mm, or laminated latex with different kinds of materials: synthetic fabrics, natural leather, leather board, etc. provide great comfort during the life-span of a shoe.

Due to its technical characteristics and the compatibility of the latex foam with those agents that provide comfort to the feet - active carbon, antibacterial and antimicrobial products - together with insulation fabrics, we can say that we have the ideal product to be used in any type of shoe


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